Give your customers more reasons to come back by giving them discounts. Whether you want to give promo codes to prospective buyers or discounts to loyal customers, you can do so by creating a discount code.

Create a discount code


  1. From your Popup admin, go to Discounts
  2. Click on Add discount
  3. Enter the discount code you prefer or generate one
  4. Select the type of discount
  5. Select the limits for your discount
  6. Set the duration that the discount will be active

Discount type

There are two types of discounts:

  • Percentage - you can set the discount amount by percentage.
  • Fixed - you can set the discount by a fixed amount.

Discount limit

You can set a limit on how many times a discount code can be used and the products they can be applied to.

Active dates

You can set a date range for when the discount code will be active and can be used upon purchase on your Popup Stores.

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