Popup Store Journeys

Popup Store Journeys are a series of interconnected pages designed to guide a customer to a specific goal or objective. You can think of them like funnels. On Popup, you design and create Journeys in the Journey Builder.

Edit Popup Stores with the Journey Builder

The Journey Builder is your laboratory.  It's where you create unique Journeys to reach your specific business goals, such as generating leads with a newsletter sign-up or launching a new product.

To create an effective Journey, it's important to first identify your goal. This will enable you to choose the most suitable Elements to achieve it.

Choose your goal 

When customers shop online, there are three important goals they have that if applied to your online strategy can make their experience better and keep them coming back. These goals are called shopper missions, and if a brand understands and applies them, it can increase customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Questions to ask include:

  • What is the goal for each Popup Store Journey?
  • How does it fit into the entire brand experience?
  • How can it meet customer demands?
  • How should it connect to social?
  • What shopper mission is it serving?

Step-by-step guides

  1. Map your customer journey.
  2. Define your shopper missions.
  3. Designing Popup Store Journeys based on your customer journey and shopper missions.
Get inspiration from our library of Journey Blueprints.

Journey Builder Elements

Each Journey is comprised of Elements. Each Element serves a specific purpose in the Journey.

Drag and drop or right-click to add them to the canvas.

Learn about Journey Elements.

Create a Journey


  1. Understand what your Journey goal is 
  2. Add an Entry Point
  3. Add a page
  4. Add a template to that page
  5. Add any additional pages (Optional)
  6. Add Actions (Optional)
  7. Add a Redirect (Optional)
  8. Customize your templates in the Template Editor
  9. Customize your theme within the Template Editor
  10. Preview your Popup Store Journey

Best practices

These elements help make sure your buyers and visitors have a good experience while you work behind the scenes.

External links

Journeys are made to guide your buyers from the start of their visit to the end goal, like purchasing your product or signing up for emails.

When you add extra links that take buyers away from their Journey, it can make it harder for them to reach the end goal you planned. Instead, it's better to keep your buyers on the path you set out for them.

Page outputs

There are tooltips that will appear if there are any issues connecting certain pages.

Page Upper output Lower output
Checkout page Completes checkout Abandons checkout
Offer page Accepts the offer Declines the offer


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