Journeys overview

Popup Store Journeys are a series of interconnected pages designed to guide a customer to a specific goal or objective. You can think of them like funnels. On Popup, you design and create Journeys in the Journey Builder.

Edit Popup Stores with the Journey Builder

The Journey Builder is your laboratory.  It's where you create unique Journeys to reach your specific business goals, such as generating leads with a newsletter sign-up or launching a new product.

To create an effective Journey, it's important to first identify your goal. This will enable you to choose the most suitable Elements to achieve it.

Journey Builder Elements

Each Journey is comprised of Elements. Each Element serves a specific purpose in the Journey.

Drag and drop or right-click to add them to the canvas.

Learn about Journey Elements.

Step-by-step guides

  1. Begin creating a Journey.
  2. Create a Lead Journey or Create a Sales Journey.
  3. Design pages in the Template Editor.

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