Manage payments

Adding a payment gateway to your online store will let you collect payments from your customers. Different payment gateway options are available depending on where your store is located.

Adding a payment gateway to your Popup account


  1. From your Popup admin, click Settings.
  2. Select Payments. 
  3. Select a payment gateway that you have an account set up with, you can find the list of all payment gateways by clicking Add another account by additional payment gateways.
  4. Fill in the related account information.
  5. Click Save.

Credentials relating to your payment gateway can be found on your payment provider account.

Connecting a payment gateway to your Popup Store 

Once your payment gateways are connected to your Popup Account, you can choose different gateways for different Popup Stores. This is particularly useful if you are selling in different currencies and locations. 


  1. From your Popup admin, select a Popup Store.
  2. Click Preferences > Payment and currency. 
  3. Click Choose on the Select Payment Gateway field. 
  4. Select your connected payment gateway.
  5. Click Save. 

Getting paid

Payouts for your orders are managed by your payment provider, you can track your payouts by logging into your payment provider account or contacting their support team. 

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