Entry Points

An Entry Point is like a door to your store. Each Entry Point is assigned a unique URL. Send your visitors and customers to an Entry Point for them to enter a Journey. Once they are directed to an Entry Point they land on the first page of that Journey.

Add an Entry Point

  1. From your Popup admin, select a Popup Store.
  2. Click Edit Popup Store to access the Journey Builder.
  3. Click the Add (+) icon and select Entry Point.
  4. Select Add a link.
  5. Click Create a link.
  6. Enter a name and unique URL for this Entry Point.

Default Entry Point

Each Popup Store has one journey with a default Entry Point using the connected custom domain.

For all other Entry Points you create, you'll set a different /link-name.

Custom Domains

You can connect a custom domain to your Popup Store. You can only assign a single domain to each individual Popup Store. The assigned domain becomes the Default Entry Point for each Popup Store.

Learn more about Domains.

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