Creating returns and refunds

To handle returns and refunds, you can create and manage them in your Popup admin. This helps you provide good customer service and encourage repeat orders. You can send shipping instructions, track returned items, restock inspected items, and refund payments to customers.

Create a return

To manage customer returns, you can create a return for an order. This allows you to send return shipping info and track the return. Use the Orders page to manage returns by filtering on the return status. After inspecting the returned items, you can issue a refund and restock items.


  1. In the Popup admin, go to Orders.
  2. Select the order to refund.
  3. Click Create return.
  4. Enter the quantity of items to be returned.
  5. Under Summary, you can optionally Send return details to your customer to notify them.
  6. Click Create return.

When you issue a refund, the credit card transaction fees are not returned to you.

Issue a refund


  1. In the Popup admin, go to Orders.
  2. Search for the Order you want to issue a refund.
  3. Click Issue refund.
  4. Edit the quantity and refund details. Indicate if manual refund is applied.
  5. Enter the Refund reason.
  6. Select Send refund details to your customer now.
  7. Click Refund item.

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