Begin creating a Journey

Popup is a modular commerce operating system, think of it like building with Lego. This means that you pick and choose pieces of the experience you want to give your customers.

You're not limited by or forced into a fixed setup. But sometimes when you're able to do anything, it quickly becomes difficult to decide exactly where to begin. 

Begin creating a Journey


  1. In the Popup admin, navigate to Popup Store > Edit Popup Store.
  2. Choose your Journey goal. Example: Capture leads or make sales.
  3. Use a Journey Blueprint as inspiration for your Journey.

Move onto one of the following step-by-step guides:

General steps to create a Journey

When you have a creative idea you want to test, here are the general steps you can follow.


  1. In the Popup admin, navigate to Popup Store > Edit Popup Store.
  2. Add an Entry Point. Your first Entry Point will be there by default.
  3. Add a page by clicking the + button on the right-hand side.
  4. Add a template to that page by clicking Click to add a template.
  5. Add any additional pages (Optional).
  6. Add Actions (Optional).
  7. Add a Redirect (Optional).
  8. Customize your templates in the Template Editor.
  9. Customize your theme within the Template Editor.
  10. Preview your Popup Store Journey by navigating to the Popup admin > Popup Store > more options icon and select Preview.

Best practices

External links

Journeys are made to guide your buyers from the start of their visit to the end goal, like purchasing your product or signing up for emails.

When you add extra links that take buyers away from their Journey, it can make it harder for them to reach the end goal you planned. Instead, it's better to keep your buyers on the path you set out for them.


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