Intro to advanced Journeys

Designing Journeys based on your customer journey and shopper missions is considered an advanced topic. For a basic overview of creating a Journey go to the Getting started guide.

Choose your goal 

When customers shop online, there are three important goals they have that if applied to your online strategy can make their experience better and keep them coming back. These goals are called shopper missions, and if a brand understands and applies them, it can increase customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Questions to ask include:

  • What is the goal for each Popup Store Journey?
  • How does it fit into the entire brand experience?
  • How can it meet customer demands?
  • How should it connect to social?
  • What shopper mission is it serving?

Step-by-step guides

  1. Map your customer journey.
  2. Define your shopper missions.
  3. Designing Popup Store Journeys based on your customer journey and shopper missions.

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