Order fulfillment

Fulfillment is a vital part of any business that involves delivering products or services to your customers. 

About fulfillment

Once a customer buys a product, you prepare and send it to them. This is called order fulfillment. Here are the main things you do during order fulfillment:


  1. Pick and pack the items into a box or envelope.
  2. Label the package so it can be sent.
  3. Send the package using a mail carrier.

Create a manual fulfillment 

Orders can be manually fulfilled within your Popup account. When an order is ready to be fulfilled, order tracking can be added and email updates are optionally sent to your customer to let them know their order has shipped.


  1. In the Popup admin, go to Orders.
  2. Select the Order you want to fulfill.
  3. Click on Create Fulfillment.
  4. Adjust the Item Quantity being fulfilled.
  5. Add the Tracking Number and the Shipping Carrier.
  6. Select Send shipment details to your customer now if you want your customers to receive a Shipping Confirmation Email.
  7. Click Fulfill Item.

Using a fulfillment service 

Orders can be exported via CSV for fulfillment with your own fulfillment services.


  1. In the Popup admin, go to Orders.
  2. Select the Orders you wish to export.
  3. In the top right corner, click Export orders.

Import fulfillments

Update existing unfulfilled orders and mark them as fulfilled in bulk by importing fulfilled orders via CSV upload.


  1. In the Popup admin, go to Orders.
  2. In the top right corner, click Import fulfillments.
If you have a Shopify account, you can use our Send orders to Shopify app.

Cancel a fulfillment for an order


  1. In the Popup admin, go to Orders.
  2. Search for the specific order.
  3. Click More.
  4. Click Cancel fulfillment.

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