Customer journeys

A customer journey is the holistic experience your customer has with your brand, from the time they first become aware of it to when they make a purchase and beyond. The goal of mapping it out is to understand your customer's perspective and improve their experience to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer journey mapping

To map out the customer journey, you can create a visual representation called a customer journey map.

This map shows the different stages and touchpoints that a customer goes through when interacting with your brand. By identifying these touchpoints, you can find opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Creating a customer journey map can help you find the different points where your customers interact with your brand and what they want to achieve during their shopping experience. Once you create a customer journey map, apply this to the Popup Store Journeys you create with Popup.

Applying your customer journey to Popup

To apply your customer journey map to Popup, design your Popup Store Journeys as customized experiences for your customers based on their journey stage. By tailoring the experience to their needs and goals, you can increase customer satisfaction and ultimately, sales.

Step-by-step guides

  1. Defining your shopper missions.
  2. Designing Popup Store Journeys based on your customer journey and shopper missions.

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