Setting up an HTTPS Request for Mailchimp

Add people to your Mailchimp Newsletter using the HTTPS Request Action.

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Adding an HTTPS Request Action


  1. After adding a Lead page to the Journey canvas, right-click and select Actions
  2. Click to add actions > Add actions > Make HTTPS request
  3. Under Assigned actions, select Make HTTPS request
  4. Fill out the below Request Endpoint details
  5. After this is done, on the Journey canvas connect the Lead page to the Action

Entering details for the Request Endpoint in Mailchimp


  1. First, enter the Request Endpoint:

    • https://${dc}{list_id}/members/{subscriber_hash}?skip_merge_validation=<SOME_BOOLEAN_VALUE>
  2. Determine the values for the Request Endpoint:
    • ${dc}, {list_id} and {subscriber_hash}
  3. Select Post as the Request Method.
  4. Enter the Key and Value as follows:
    • Content-Type : application/json
    • Authorization : basic [base64 encode API]
  5. Fill in the parameters needed for the Request Body. Here are example parameters:
    • {
      "email_address":"{{ }}",
      "first_name": "{{ customer.first_name }}",
      "last_name": "{{ customer.last_name }}",
      "phone_number": "{{ }}",

As an reference, here is an example URL:

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