The Beta

Popup is currently in Beta, some of our features are still in development and will be ready when we launch.

Beta requirements


Include your shipping costs in your product price

We're currently working on Popup our Shipping profiles feature to allow you to create shipping rates for your orders. In the meantime, any shipping costs should be factored into your product price, and use a free shipping strategy to entice potential customers.

Include taxes in your product price

During Beta, you will need to include taxes in your product price.

Export orders via CSV to your fulfillment service

While we're building our Shipping profiles and planning future integrations, orders can be fulfilled by exporting them via CSV and importing them to your chosen fulfillment service. If you have a Shopify store, you can use our 'Fulfill orders with Shopify' integration to automate this process.

Accept payments with Stripe, PayPal, and

Currently, Stripe, PayPal, and are payment gateways that can be used with your Popup Store to accept payment from your customers. You will need to create an account with either of these payment providers and then connect your account with Popup.


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