Popup Help Centre

Getting started

  • Intro to Popup

    Intro to Popup

    Follow our step-by-step guides to build powerful sales funnels and unique, personalized experiences that convert visitors into paying customers.

  • Your account

    Your account

    Manage your Popup account, users and billing.

  • Popup Stores

    Popup Stores

    Manage multiple Popup Stores in different currencies under one account.

  • Popup Store Editor

    Popup Store Editor

    Design tailored Journey's to capture leads and make sales online with the Popup Store Editor.

  • Popup checkout

    Popup checkout

    Personalize the online checkout experience for your customers.

  • Domains


    Add and manage custom domains to establish your online brand.

  • Products


    Easily add products, organize collections, and keep track of your inventory.

  • Payments


    Control how customers can pay for your products.

  • Shipping and delivery

    Shipping and delivery

    Manage the shipping and delivery of products to your customers.

  • Customers


    Create customer profiles and group them into different categories.

  • Orders


    Handle existing orders, create new ones, and ensure timely fulfillment.

  • Discounts


    Generate discount codes to promote your products.

  • Analytics


    Analyze data and reports to gain valuable business insights.

  • Apps


    Expand your account's capabilities with additional features.